Weekly Special

Monthly Drink Specials

Bring The Dogs Days of Summer to a COOL CHILLING End

The Butterfly Latte (Iced, Frappe, or Hot)

Lavender and White Chocolate, what a pair, but spiked with A Shot of Espresso, Yummy

Salted Carmel and Toffee Nut, just what the Dr. order now add a Shot  of Espresso = The Take Five WOW

Come Wrap Your Lips Around an Alternative Espresso Drink, Cool Your Body with something refreshing, and quite tasty

Island Breeze Lemonade

Freshly Squeeze Lemonade, blended with mango and Coconut, creates a mouth watering experience Refreshing Perfection in a Cup



Weekly Breakfast Special

Joe’s Hearty Breakfast Sandwich and Hash Brown Square w/Coffee

Joe’s Hearty Breakfast Sandwich with a Hash brown Square and a small Cup of Coffee…

Monday - Friday 7am-11am


Weekly Lunch Special

Joe’s Country Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Country Ham & Cheese Sandwich, served on a Sourdough Bread sliced thick, along with Sweet Potato or Reg Fries.  It’s accompanied with a medium fountain soda



Monday - Friday 11am - 6pm


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